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1. Why Links Are Important

Probably the word that associates best with Web is “links”. That is what hypertext is all about – you link to "Like-pages" and get linked by "Like-pages" to your site.

Actually, the Web is woven out of interconnected pages and spiders follow the links, when indexing the Web. If not many sites link to you, then it might take ages for search engines to find your site and even if they find you, it is unlikely that you will have high rankings because the quality and quantity of links is part of the algorithms of search engines for calculating relevancy.

2. Inbound and Outbound Links

Put in layman's terms, there are two types of links that are important for
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Search Engine Ranking
<In-bound> and <Out-bound> links

Outbound links are links that start from your site and lead to another one.
Inbound links, or back-links, come from an external site to yours, e.g. if links to, the link from is an inbound link for (like-wise on traded links)

Back-links are very important because they are supposed to be a measure of the popularity of your site among the Web audience. It is necessary to say that not all back-links are equal. There are good and bad back-links.

Good back-links are from reputable places - preferably from sites with a similar theme or content (example real estate information). These links do boost search engine ranking.

Bad back-links come from suspicious places – like link farms (sites that offer 100 or 1,000 links to your site for an amount of money – and are something to be avoided.

Indifferent back-links are if your site is a Legal Law Office and you are linked to a company selling Auto Wax Polish.

3. Anchor text

Anchor Text is the most important item in a back-link. While it does matter where a link comes from, what matters more is the actual text the link starts from.

Anchor Text is the word(s) that you click on to open the hyperlink – e.g. if we have <Click Here> rather than <ABC Law Firm> being the anchor text for the hyperlink to be read by Goggle. You will see that you might have a back-link from a valuable site but if the anchor text is something like an <example of a complete failure>, you can hardly be happy with it.

Bad Anchor Text Example
Any Questions you have will be answered as prompt as time will premit
Please Click Here

Good Anchor Text Example
Any Questions you have will be answered as prompt as time will premit
Please Contact ABC Law Firm

When you check your back-links, always check what their anchor text is and if there is a keyword in it. It is a great SEO boost to have a lot of back-links from quality sites and the anchor text to include our keywords.

4 - Link Practices That Are To Be Avoided

Similar to keyword stuffing, purchasing links in bulk is a practice to be avoided. It gets suspicious if you bartered 1000 links with another site in a day or two, a week or even a month.

What is more, search engines keep track of link farms (sites that sell links in bulk) and since bought links are a way to manipulate search results, this practice gets punished by search engines. So avoid dealing with link farms because it can cause more harm than do good.

Also, outbound links from your site to known Web spammers or “bad guys” are also to be avoided.

When links are concerned, one aspect to have in mind is the ratio between inbound and outbound links. Generally speaking, if your outbound links are ten times your inbound links, this is bad but it also varies on a case by case basis.

5 - Limit the Number Links on Each Page

If you have more than 20 links per link directory page, divide and add more pages to keep the maximum number of partner links to 20.

6 - RSS Feeds

If you have a site that links to news sources or has RSS feeds, then having many outbound links is the inevitable price of fresh content.

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